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Check out these itchy skin images:

Delicious Evening
itchy skin
Image by Paul Anglada
When I was out photographing, little flying insects were swarming me, biting my skin all over. I vengefully reveled at seeing several of these terrorizingly innocent bloodsuckers trapped in a web. What a night for feasting! Could it be that these insects created a web of photographic moments to capture camera wielding humans? The only other person to dare this area after this time was a photographer from Germany.

Was it worth the now excruciatingly itchy bites? I’m not sure. Here’s the prettiest sunset image I captured that night (a 3-shot, vertical panorama). What do you think?

*goes back to scratching arms* [noo! don’t scratch!!! (sorry, me…no deal *SCRATCH*)]

“Ribs and Ruffles” scarf in Malabrigo
itchy skin
Image by EraPhernalia Vintage . . . (playin’ hook-y ;o)
My first scarf after years of not knitting! It’s currently longer than the photo shows.

This is a simple pattern but I have probably frogged as much as I’ve knitted because I can’t seem to keep count—and we’re not talking complicated numbers and stitch switches here, we’re talking knit 3, bring yarn forward and slip 1 purlwise, knit 3, bring yarn forward and slip 1 purlwise, knit 3—ad infinitum! There are only two rows to the pattern, but they start either with k3, slip 1, or knit 1, slip 1, knit 3. Easy peasy. But my problem is I can’t seem to remember to knit THREE and then slip the stitch; I keep knitting TWO and then trying to slip the stitch. This is the one mistake I keep making repeatedly. It took me awhile to recognize what the stitches should look like on the row I was knitting and on the row I’d just knitted. After I got to that point I was tinking (un-knitting) and frogging a lot less.

One thing that I am a bit concerned about is how fuzzy the Malabrigo gets when you frog and how fuzzy the scarf is from turning it and having it rub up against another surface. I’d heard it was very soft and comfortable against the skin, but I am wondering if it is still too itchy/scratchy for me!

I’m also not sure I’m in love with this colorway. It looked so different in the skeins! The the red-violet color is very strong and there’s more of the true green than the olive green I was hoping for. I love the brown, russet, and golden-yellow, but wouldn’t choose this colorway again. Since I’ll have four skeins of it left when I’m done with the scarf, I’m wondering if I can over-dye the rest with some color that would tone down the red-violet and the true green colors … Something to think about and plan for down the line.

There are two mistakes that I’ve found so far and I am going to leave them. One is on the edge where I twisted or turned the stitch after I frogged and picked it up in a way that makes it fatter and different-looking than those above and below it. It was making me crazy, but I’ve decided to leave it alone as it is only about 6” up from the bottom edge and I’m not going to rip out down to it at this point!

The other goof is where I have two stitches showing up instead of one of the slipped stitches. I must have purled the stitch after I brought the yarn forward instead of just slipping it purlwise. This is another goof I’m going to leave as is. You would really have to look for it and know what you were looking for to find it. I’m leaving it as an object lesson for myself. I’m generally a perfectionist, so this is hard for me. But I’m not going to try to fix it. Yay!

I’ve cast on with a provisional cast-on and will add the ruffles after I’ve done the body of the scarf. I expect to make it at least 6” long. It goes pretty fast, but I have to continually check back on myself which slows me down.

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